The Route

The Morganzo 55: Double Nickels on the Grime route can be ridden nearly all year ’round with the exception being times of heavy snow or immediately after a rain storm.  During these times some sections become “impassable when wet“.

Annually during mid-August the official Morganzo 55: Double Nickels on the Grime race/ride event is held that has drawn anywhere from six to 25 participants.  The exact day of the year is typically announced a number of months out and can be found here on this website or on other popular gravel grinding websites.The official start point for the Double Nickels on the Grime race is the corner of Dry Creek Road and Theisen Roads just north of Belgrade, MT.

Cost for the event is free.  There are no winners nor losers,  just first and last pick from the beer cooler.

What to Know

This ride is unsupported aka there is NO support.  There is no food, and only sometimes minimal water available on course so come prepared.  The route is unmarked and generally unsigned so come prepared.  There is no support vehicle at the beginning, middle, nor end of this ride so come prepared.  Did we mention that you should be prepared?  Will you be prepared?  Please be prepared.

  • Download your preferred version of the cue sheet.  Available in either full page or quarter page versions.
  • View a map of the route and waypoints.
  • Download the digital route map of your choice.
    • Right-click to download the .gpx track (for Garmin or other GPS devices)
    • Right click to download the .kml file (for viewing in Google Earth)
  • See past Morganzo 55 information on Strava.

Now don’t tell me that’s not a superb location for a gravel ride. What’s that? Yep, you’re right, that IS a superb location for a gravel ride.

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